amy davidson manchester menswear designer

amy davidson, mulberry accessories award, graduate fashion week, manchester fashion student

amy davidson, menswear, gothic fashion, manchester, graduate fashion week, mulberry award, student

amy davidson, menswear, gothic fashion, manchester, graduate fashion week, mulberry award, student

amy davidson, menswear, gothic fashion, manchester, graduate fashion week, mulberry award, student

fashion graduate amy davidson, recently won the mulberry accessories award for graduate fashion week. the winning collection is based on her travels to french cathedrals, where she was drawn to the intricacy and detail of the buildings and ceilings surrounding her. what initially pulled me in about her designs was the delicate detail and pattern, the strong gothic theme and the level of patience it must have taken to produce; but secondly that she’s from my local city of manchester. it makes me feel very proud to associate with somebody with such skill and a keen eye for beautiful design. i’m very much looking forward to seeing more of amy’s work and wish her the very best of luck for her future in fashion, she is very inspirational.

you can follow amy on twitter, and keep up to date with her website.


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