Bodie and Fou warehouse moving sale

one of my favourite online stores, bodie and fou are having a warehouse moving sale!
they’re moving offices at the end of the month and to help with the move they’re having a clear out of their limited stock pieces, with discounts ranging from 15% – 60% off some amazing designer must-haves.

here are some of my favourites:

Bodie and Fou Warehouse Sale - Moodboard | A Living Diary

1 – bonjour print sample (15% off)
2 – set of 2 wooden chopping boards (25% off)
3 – nelson sepulveda z1 black sisal net lamp (20% off)
4 – normann copenhagen black knot chair (30% off)
5 – arne jacobsen design letters cups (25% off)
6 – handforged bottle opener SOLD!
7 – gold and black kitchen knife block (60% off)

Black Kitchen Accessories

Black Kitchen Accessories Inspiration | A Living Diary
{image source one & two}

if i’ve seen these images once, i’ve seen them a thousand times; but each time i look at them i’m sucked deeper and deeper into the fascinating fact that – whilst us interior folk are evident lovers of all white everything – the dark, glossy and mysterious appearance of these kitchens shed no light on the white trend whatsoever. and that’s sort of magic!

black paint and tiles shouldn’t just be for those wanting to make a statement. black is such a classic colour and never loses it’s impact, but it can be done wrong so don’t dive in uneducated! experiment with less permanent features first, such as textiles, accessories and chalkboard paint.

here i’ve gathered some beautiful black kitchen accessories that can be carried across a handful of different colour schemes without having to redecorate!

Black Kitchen Accessories Moodboard | A Living Diary

ikea brasa pendant lamp: a pleasing silhouette, that can be used in both traditional industrial or contemporary modern kitchens. it’s simple and cheap, what isn’t there to love?

pellet designs soap stone in onyx/cassia: i first spotted this stunning soap on a trip to kirkby lonsdale with my boyfriend, in a quirky little gift shop called ‘parma violet’. as soon as i laid eyes on this cinnamon scented onyx piece of soap, there was absolutely no way i was leaving until it was mine! not necessarily for kitchen use, but this cinnamon scent is enough to sway me to do more washing up that’s for sure!

string pocket shelving: storage is always essential in kitchens, so this string pocket shelving is a practical and visual piece that fits the bill perfectly. stack it high with contrasting white bone china crockery and pots of fresh herbs for access to the essentials that are simply too pretty to hide away.

wilkos blackboard paint: list making is one of my favourite hobbies (no, really!) so i find nothing more convenient than running out of milk and having a beautiful blackboard to jot down an active shopping list right where you can see it. try painting one of your cupboard doors with this chalkboard paint, or purchase an ornate frame and fill it with a chalkboard covered piece of wood and hang by the door of your kitchen.

matt confetti whisk: the cheap alternative to a food processor – a plastic black whisk that won’t rust when you put them in the dish washer, or scratch those expensive pans! simple.

hay scissors: you can never have too many scissors. this HAY pair have a nice big blade and strong handle so there’s no cracking of plastic when cutting things that are a little too tough.

cast iron kitchen aid food processor: this may be a little too expensive for most peoples budgets, but the industrial texture of the stunning cast iron body puts all other food processors to shame. even if you only use it to whizz up the mixture of the giant yorkshire puddings you make for your christmas dinner, i’ll back you up in saying it’s a totally justifiable purchase – go on, treat yourself!

marimekko siirtolapuutarha tea cup: sipping tea from a stylish mug makes it taste all that more delicious. marimekko have a range of colourful and eye catching crockery, but this monochrome spotted piece adds a playful but toned down touch to your kitchen table.

H&M glass box: this little trinket is very similar in style to the pelle designs soap mentioned above, holding a carved gem shape, with removable glass lid it becomes a miniature treasure chest of bits & bobs you can never seem to find a home for.

stelton pure black knives: these seamless tools were the first to grace my kitchen wishlist. pure black blades and harmonious sleek design was something that ordinary kitchen knives just couldn’t compete with and are sure to add charm to any chopping board.

copper accents

copper accents

flex cord from made in design, sequin cushion from H&M, foil tape at houzz, tom dixon candle from mr porter, hangers from finnish design store, hay candle holder from 2021, acapo branding by, iphone case from asos

i’m a cold metal kinda girl, silvers and steel, that kinda thing. it works with my monochrome interior, the grey tones just feel right – although there’s something fancy about copper that i’ve been lusting for recently. it adds instant warmth to an interior but doesn’t detract from it’s surroundings…pretty deep!

i’ve collected some of my favourite copper cravings that i’ve been stumbling across. i may even buy some and see how i feel about this warm substitute to silvers.

bring on summer wishlist

leather baseball cap from asos, white skinny jeans from topshop, leather slips by isabel marant (it’s pointless providing a link as they’re sold out everywhere, like most isabel marant footwear!) photographs from pinterest.

my wardrobe isn’t what you’d consider ‘summer friendly’. i have an abundance of coats, not so summery shoes and dark clothing takes up (not kidding) 90% of the space in my wardrobe. since the sun has been creeping around the clouds, i can’t help myself but swoon over these three pieces at the moment! they throw that cool summer vibe at me and practically yell ‘let me be in your wardrobe fiona – we’ll look great with everything you already have!’