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i wrongly assumed that knitting was a granny thing to do. as it’s always seemed a traditional hobby for older women, it had never passed me as something that i should do. now i’m lusting over a chunky knit jumper and super chunky blankets every winter, it has made me question; why shouldn’t i start knitting?

still greatly in the mindset of ‘granny knitting’ when trying to research, i suddenly remembered all the beautiful pieces that fashion designers have produced over the years. so i’ve gathered myself some knitting inspiration more suited to my taste! some of the designers pictured above include: maison martin margiela, alexander wang, nanna van blaaderen, eleanor amoroso, sandra backlund, derek lawlor, sunghee bang, julie eilenberger and irina shaposhnikova.


  1. milex says:

    I think so! look for bradford on the map and come to visit me :D

  2. faiiinted says:

    Ah, I left a whole long comment here but it seems to have disappeared!
    So much love for everything in this post, love the super chunky pieces & that scarf in the first photo is incredible (love the styling with the matching plait too)!
    I never could get the hang of hand knitting, despite 2 years of knitting classes on my fashion degree, everything just came out covered in dropped stitches cos of my beyond poor hand/eye coordination. Good luck with it, and I hope you’ll post some of the things you make! :)

    • alivingdiary says:

      i love the repetitive action of knitting with the needles now that i’ve learnt how to do it! i haven’t quite made anything worthy of being posted yet, though.

  3. kri says:

    These are so unique!! If I only know how to knit, I would to this! <3 Very inspirational indeed!

  4. The body kinda piece is amazing beyond words! So beaut.

    In response to your question about the denim washing products; I’m not sure but I should imagine so! I’ll be posting about it again so I’ll make sure to try it out on my black jeans and mention how it is on another blog post soooooon! X

  5. CholFable says:

    Wow amazing collections of photos! I think I’ve found a new love for super chunky knits <3


    • alivingdiary says:

      yes! chunky knits are a girls (and guys) best friend in winter.

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    • Love love love it! One, because purple is my fave color and two I like that you used different components and materials in the same bracelet. Would love to win it!

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  6. Lucinda says:

    Whenever the temperature dips I get strong urges to break out the knitting needles. The gradated loop knit is particularly interesting.

  7. Katie Brown says:

    Oh man, I love a good knit. That last one is magic! x

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