The Beauty of Concrete Flooring

The Beauty of Concrete Flooring | A Living Diary
{above photographs can be found on pinterest}

concrete floors sound pretty dull, don’t they? but i’m not interested in what they sound like – i’m obsessing about what they look like! not many would chose concrete as their ideal floor of choice, but the organic texture and natural, mottled tone has me hooked! i’m drawn to grey floor in particular; i love the calming mood.

whilst they’re perfectly practical for warehouses, factories and basements, they don’t hold a strong reputation for being used in residential property – and to an extent, it’s understandable why – but the opportunities are endless. bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms all have the potential to suit concrete, trust me!

The Beauty of Concrete Flooring | A Living Diary
{above photographs can be found on pinterest}

it’s too cold!
this is true, concrete doesn’t retain heat very well; but there’s an amazing little system called ‘radiant heating’ that can be installed into the concrete, which sends waves of heat through the concrete and slowly fills the room it occupies. it’s also really easy to keep cold feet toasty with layers of thick rugs, which make your space look cosy, like this room and this one too. don’t forget, concrete flooring will be a blessing in those hot summer months – it’s easier to add heat than take it away!

what about the dull grey colour?
that can be changed! concrete floors are available in a range of different colours, which are mixed before being poured. you can also buy specialist paints that you can apply over the top of set concrete. the same applies for different coatings and finishes.

surely it can’t get wet?
before installing concrete, a vapour barrier guard can be installed to stop any moisture rising from below. once the concrete is set for use in a room where it may get wet, it is then sealed with a chemical treatment which fills all the tiny holes in the concrete, which then makes it stain and water proof! dependent on how heavily the floor is used, this treatment is to be reapplied every 1 to 2 years.

i don’t like the gritty bumps
you don’t need me to tell you that concrete can be polished and finished beautifully, do you?


  1. NNUMM says:

    I love concrete floors.. it brings such a modern but industrial atmosphere..

  2. Sofia says:

    I’m not a big fan of anything that looks too industrial for the home, but I think concrete flooring is such a nice alternative to the typical tiles in a bathroom. Great post!

    Sofia |

    • alivingdiary says:

      each to their own! personally i love it, it’s almost repurposed. concrete is very easy to make non-industrial, with colours and of course furniture. thank you!

  3. Madison says:

    ooooh this is my favorite flooring! i can’t wait to have this in my apartment :)

  4. Lys says:

    i love the look of concrete floors. i probably wouldn’t get it in my living room, but i bet it would look great in the bathroom or kitchen

    • alivingdiary says:

      it is a very wary idea for the living room, but with plenty of cosy rugs and a big open fire, i think it would look great. the kitchen is my favourite!

  5. Grace says:

    We are getting concrete floors done in our new house, can’t wait as i live here in australia – it can get super duper warm haha so the cool floors will be appreciated. I loved the pics as well, they all have a really refreshing and relaxing feel. great post!

  6. Colette says:

    I love concrete floors. In fact my apartment floors are concrete floors, which was a big selling point for me when apartment-hunting. I love that they are easy to clean (no need to worry about spills!) and add a nice touch to the apartment, making it stand out on its own. Also, you are right, adding a couple of rugs is all you really need to keep your feet warm during winter.

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