Project Annex, Part one: Demolition

i’ve been eagerly planning this build since the back end of 2013. after convincing my dad that i needed a place of my own to live with my cat & boyfriend and save up for our own home, he agree’d on building an annex in the garden behind the double garage, on the premise that it would increase his homes value. this is project annex!

at the moment, there’s just a huge hole. yes, that’s where the annex is going to be. it’s hard to believe that above that ditch, used to exist a family patio, BBQ and rockery area. the ground has been unearthed 4 foot or so below, to drop to street level and the rockery sleepers have been re-installed to create a retaining wall against the garden.

measuring only 6 meters by 5.5 metres, who’d have thought that a bedroom, living area, full sized kitchen and a wetroom would fit here?! it seems like a tight squeeze, but after months of developing the ideal floorplan, it’s certain to fit just perfectly.

Project Annex, Part one: Demolition | A Living Diary

Project Annex, Part one: Demolition | A Living Diary

Project Annex, Part one: Demolition | A Living Diary


  1. Claire says:

    Wow, how exciting?! it does sound like a small space but when you put a lot of thought into layout, it’s surprising what you can achieve. i cannot wait to see the updates. btw it’s always lovely to see your blog pop up in my blog feed :)

    claire x

  2. Emily says:

    This sounds like such an exciting project! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all done :) You are so lucky to be able to build something from scratch and have everything exactly the way you want!
    Emily xx

  3. Claire says:

    Oh wow, now that is definitely a project! I’m excited for you as it sounds amazing and must be great having that feeling of your own space (even if it is still at “home”). Can’t wait to see the progress of it :) x

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