Home is in the North…Again!

Home is in the North...Again! Trove Homewares | A Living Diary
photographs: trove homewares

Home is in the North...Again! INKinc | A Living Diary
photograph: INK inc.

Home is in the North...Again! Knit Me A Stitch | A Living Diary
photograph: knit me a stitch ceramics

it’s back! following their successful launch back in april, the independent crafts & interiors show ‘home is in the north’ will be gracing the opulent setting of halle st peters in the heart of ancoats, once again!

perfect for those with a passion for handmade and unique pieces, this travelling event will host an eclectic mix of designer-makers, spanning from the west midlands to the north west, celebrating artists who specialise in re-defining traditional crafts.

exhibitors will showcase their work from a variety of areas of design including textiles, glass, ceramics, metalwork, paper and wood. with all work from the exhibitors on sale, it provides the perfect opportunity for visitors to invest in unique objects while also understanding the stories of the people who made them.

visitors with an appetite for learning more about contemporary craft and interior design, can look forward to creative workshops, masterclasses and inspiring talks from industry experts!

date: saturday 15th november
time: 11am – 4pm
admission: £3.50 and can be purchased at eventbrite. for further information visit the social butterfly.

exhibitors include: tinker and faff, beth johnson ceramics, INK inc, double thumbs up, quilts by lisa watson, trove homewares, natalie laura ellen, claire murray designs and knit me a stitch ceramics to name but a few…


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