interior styling with flowers

interior styling with flowers, roses, cat safe flowers

something i’ve never routinely done before is buy flowers – but a few months ago i learnt that they’re one of the best things you can purchase when things are getting tired and feeling a little dull. they smell good, they look good – they’re an overall mood lifter and they’re the perfect addition for a room that needs a boost of life. it’s amazing how such a small change and burst of colour can bring a fresh perspective on an interior! roses are my flowers of choice; a classic flower that are safe around my cat!


  1. Sue says:

    I know what you mean, Fiona! Between my neighbour opposite, who has a different floral display every few days and all the wonderful bloggers who use blooms to great effect in their photography I, too, have been inspired to start using more flowers around the home. They really do cheer up the space! :-)

    • alivingdiary says:

      they’re great aren’t they? my mother used to work in a florist and i just love single bunches of flowers! the greenery is my favourite, though.

  2. Julia says:

    i LOVE DECORATING MY HOME WITH FRESH FLOWERS. and you’ve chosen really beautiful roses. Pretty :-)


  3. I totally agree, pale pink roses are my favourite! x

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