bring on summer wishlist

leather baseball cap from asos, white skinny jeans from topshop, leather slips by isabel marant (it’s pointless providing a link as they’re sold out everywhere, like most isabel marant footwear!) photographs from pinterest.

my wardrobe isn’t what you’d consider ‘summer friendly’. i have an abundance of coats, not so summery shoes and dark clothing takes up (not kidding) 90% of the space in my wardrobe. since the sun has been creeping around the clouds, i can’t help myself but swoon over these three pieces at the moment! they throw that cool summer vibe at me and practically yell ‘let me be in your wardrobe fiona – we’ll look great with everything you already have!’


  1. That low back tank is really great. A perfect simple outfit!

  2. moiminnie says:

    Haha, 90% of dark simple clothing sounds like heaven, I am in the same boat! Still, I do love to dress in all white and cream from time to time; the pieces you picked are just perfect, leather caps are my weakness to be honest! // xx

    • alivingdiary says:

      i’m yet to buy a leather cap but don’t worry, it will be soon. i’m struggling to get out of my dark clothing and luckily it hasn’t been too hot – by then i’ll have bought plenty more lights {really need to get the white jeans!}

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