Rick Owens dupe on the high street

Rick Owens dupe on the high street | A Living Diary

i am a HUGE fan of rick owens, i honestly pine for everything he’s ever made – it’s all so beautiful. he’s the king of darkness, perfect drapes, off centred zips, sharp cuts, flawless silhouettes, minimalism, black black and more black – i could go on! for me he is the definition of avante garde – it’s scruffy looking but extremely luxurious! almost warrior like. perfect, all of it. i love love love it!

“There‚Äôs something a little too chatterboxy about color. Right now I want black, for its sharpness and punctuation”

Rick Owens dupe on the high street | A Living Diary

as i’m vegetarian, i tend to stay away from leather, which unfortunately the majority of rick owens garments are made from. but a quick hunt around the internet i’ve found some amazing high street pieces that inherit rick’s distinct style for so much less (not that his pieces wouldn’t be worth it, they totally would! but for non-rich vegetarians like me, these i’m about to show you make great rick owens dupe)

Rick Owens dupe on the high street | A Living Diary

above are some inspired pieces i found at river island, all available online. my favourite has got to be the biker jacket, it’s in my shopping basket as i’m typing this! usually i struggle with picking clothes and outfits, but i think this winter it’s going to be all black and as many layers as i can fit on!

Rick Owens dupe on the high street | A Living Diary

how beautiful is the bag? rick owens isn’t a bag type of guy, infact i dont think he’s really designed many; but if he did i’d imagine they’d be this simple as the one above, with a patent and matte pleather material contrast. all the pieces in the collage above are from H&M – can you believe it!

i can see all my wages going on rick owens style things, mmmmmmmmm…


  1. Neeny says:

    Ugh, I LOVE Rick Owens. Also, those boots at the very bottom are awesome…can’t believe theyre from H&M. Thanks for following. I adore your blog, too. Definitely following. High 5 for the North West massive ahah! xx

  2. Lucinda says:

    I’m no vegetarian but you raise an interesting question about adoring a designer’s style but not their choice of materials.

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