toast of the town cocktail event

classic mojito and bramble

last month i was invited to a cocktail making event, at the copthorne hotel at salford quays; where i met up with other manchester bloggers to take part in learning to create classic cocktails, and invent my own as part of a competition, to represent manchester; #toastofthetown

this was my first blogger event and i was actually panicking at the thought of meeting other bloggers – but a friendly introduction from james at joeblogsnetwork and a raspberry bellini on arrival calmed me down! once settled, everybody split into groups and were taught to make the four classic cocktails! my team was so nice, i joined bloggers anyonita (anyonita nibbles) and charlotte (gin & ginger) as we all collectively made a bramble, kentucky storm, mojito and a cosmopolitan. i’m not adventurous when it comes to alcohol, i’m not keen on that alcoholly taste so i keep it mainly sweet or refreshing. when i made my mojito, i was far too giddy to keep up with the mixologist and poured 2 servings too much sugar syrup into my glass! a happy accident, infact an amazing accident as it was the nicest mojito i’ve tasted.

lets not go into my competition cocktail, it was a forced effort and didn’t go very well. but my team did incredible, anyonitas drunken vimto and charlottes curry mile (which won her a booby prize, well done!)

summer wardrobe essentials

summer wardrobe essentials, cross strap sandals, isabel marant, dune, celine, birkenstock, dupe

summer wouldn’t be summer without an updated wardrobe! as much as i love layering on the clothes and hiding in my black threads, summer tends to arrive with a warm weather {if ever it decides to grace manchester these days} so as much as i love my winter wardrobe, it has to be pushed to the back for a while!

h&m cross strap sandals
i’d much rather wear ballet flats or trainers but this sweaty weather calls for sandals, and since everyone’s sandal game is on point i’m going to join in. this cheap pair of birkenstock/celine/isabel marant dupes have to be the most practical and perfect purchase yet.

asos cat eye sunglasses
headaches and premature wrinkles from squinting is not cool, so i bought this pair of sunglasses a few months ago ready for the summer, and they came in handy when i took a visit to stockholm earlier in april!

lush vanillary solid perfume
the nicest smelling perfume you’ll ever whiff! it’s hard to describe, i’d have to say it’s like an explosion of vanilla pods and creamy caramels. applied directly to the skin, this perfume is absorbed with your bodies heat and gives off a generously strong scent all day. i much prefer solid perfumes in summer, they lash longer and i hate the alcohol scent atomisers give.

michael kors chronograph watch
this is my only watch, so technically it’s essential to me not only in summer but all the time {i’ve worn it constantly since last march} i just love how versatile it is. classic chronograph face, silver strap with deployment clasp and it’s swimming pool friendly!

copper accents

copper accents

flex cord from made in design, sequin cushion from H&M, foil tape at houzz, tom dixon candle from mr porter, hangers from finnish design store, hay candle holder from 2021, acapo branding by, iphone case from asos

i’m a cold metal kinda girl, silvers and steel, that kinda thing. it works with my monochrome interior, the grey tones just feel right – although there’s something fancy about copper that i’ve been lusting for recently. it adds instant warmth to an interior but doesn’t detract from it’s surroundings…pretty deep!

i’ve collected some of my favourite copper cravings that i’ve been stumbling across. i may even buy some and see how i feel about this warm substitute to silvers.

hanger strap by mathilda clahr

hanger strap by mathilda clahr
photographs from mathida’s store

i don’t have an office or a dedicated blogging space, so i shouldn’t be buying things to put into one; but when i saw the hanger strap by mathilda clahr over at one of my favourite blogs, ollie & sebs haus, there was no way i wasn’t going to buy one! {the way i look at it, i will have an office one day, so why not?}

the swedish designer has captured a simple way to exhibit a favourite magazine, print work and niknaks that are worth showing off, in a beautifully crafted leather strap. available in nude, brown & black, i opted for the black strap, and i’m very swayed towards purchasing the nude to accompany!

at the moment my strap doesn’t have a home, but when it does i’ll share it with you.