Natural Textures Moodboard with H&M

a good discount code is amazing, but it’s even better when it’s off homeware! H&M graced my inbox this morning with a bargain so i thought, why not? you can use the code: 3047 for a refreshing 10% off the whole homeware department!

i’ve thrown together a quick natural textures moodboard, to give you some inspiration for shopping with your discount! i really like the earthy, laid back african vibes of the products i’ve featured below. they would work great in the garden for a casual al fresco party or in a plant filled conservatory for a fresh and natural atmosphere.

Natural Textures Inspiration Moodboard with H&M | A Living Diary

1 – pom pom cotton cushion cover
2 – round sun beam inspired gold mirror
3 – vintage style glass jar with gold lid
4 – ceramic fluted vase with organic stripes
5 – wooden salad servers
6 – fringed jute rug
7 – ceramic leaf shaped dish
8 – small metal bowl in brushed gold

will you be purchasing anything with your 10% off?

Project Annex, Part one: Demolition

i’ve been eagerly planning this build since the back end of 2013. after convincing my dad that i needed a place of my own to live with my cat & boyfriend and save up for our own home, he agree’d on building an annex in the garden behind the double garage, on the premise that it would increase his homes value. this is project annex!

at the moment, there’s just a huge hole. yes, that’s where the annex is going to be. it’s hard to believe that above that ditch, used to exist a family patio, BBQ and rockery area. the ground has been unearthed 4 foot or so below, to drop to street level and the rockery sleepers have been re-installed to create a retaining wall against the garden.

measuring only 6 meters by 5.5 metres, who’d have thought that a bedroom, living area, full sized kitchen and a wetroom would fit here?! it seems like a tight squeeze, but after months of developing the ideal floorplan, it’s certain to fit just perfectly.

Project Annex, Part one: Demolition | A Living Diary

Project Annex, Part one: Demolition | A Living Diary

Project Annex, Part one: Demolition | A Living Diary

Home is in the North…Again!

Home is in the North...Again! Trove Homewares | A Living Diary
photographs: trove homewares

Home is in the North...Again! INKinc | A Living Diary
photograph: INK inc.

Home is in the North...Again! Knit Me A Stitch | A Living Diary
photograph: knit me a stitch ceramics

it’s back! following their successful launch back in april, the independent crafts & interiors show ‘home is in the north’ will be gracing the opulent setting of halle st peters in the heart of ancoats, once again!

perfect for those with a passion for handmade and unique pieces, this travelling event will host an eclectic mix of designer-makers, spanning from the west midlands to the north west, celebrating artists who specialise in re-defining traditional crafts.

exhibitors will showcase their work from a variety of areas of design including textiles, glass, ceramics, metalwork, paper and wood. with all work from the exhibitors on sale, it provides the perfect opportunity for visitors to invest in unique objects while also understanding the stories of the people who made them.

visitors with an appetite for learning more about contemporary craft and interior design, can look forward to creative workshops, masterclasses and inspiring talks from industry experts!

date: saturday 15th november
time: 11am – 4pm
admission: £3.50 and can be purchased at eventbrite. for further information visit the social butterfly.

exhibitors include: tinker and faff, beth johnson ceramics, INK inc, double thumbs up, quilts by lisa watson, trove homewares, natalie laura ellen, claire murray designs and knit me a stitch ceramics to name but a few…

Black Kitchen Accessories

Black Kitchen Accessories Inspiration | A Living Diary
{image source one & two}

if i’ve seen these images once, i’ve seen them a thousand times; but each time i look at them i’m sucked deeper and deeper into the fascinating fact that – whilst us interior folk are evident lovers of all white everything – the dark, glossy and mysterious appearance of these kitchens shed no light on the white trend whatsoever. and that’s sort of magic!

black paint and tiles shouldn’t just be for those wanting to make a statement. black is such a classic colour and never loses it’s impact, but it can be done wrong so don’t dive in uneducated! experiment with less permanent features first, such as textiles, accessories and chalkboard paint.

here i’ve gathered some beautiful black kitchen accessories that can be carried across a handful of different colour schemes without having to redecorate!

Black Kitchen Accessories Moodboard | A Living Diary

ikea brasa pendant lamp: a pleasing silhouette, that can be used in both traditional industrial or contemporary modern kitchens. it’s simple and cheap, what isn’t there to love?

pellet designs soap stone in onyx/cassia: i first spotted this stunning soap on a trip to kirkby lonsdale with my boyfriend, in a quirky little gift shop called ‘parma violet’. as soon as i laid eyes on this cinnamon scented onyx piece of soap, there was absolutely no way i was leaving until it was mine! not necessarily for kitchen use, but this cinnamon scent is enough to sway me to do more washing up that’s for sure!

string pocket shelving: storage is always essential in kitchens, so this string pocket shelving is a practical and visual piece that fits the bill perfectly. stack it high with contrasting white bone china crockery and pots of fresh herbs for access to the essentials that are simply too pretty to hide away.

wilkos blackboard paint: list making is one of my favourite hobbies (no, really!) so i find nothing more convenient than running out of milk and having a beautiful blackboard to jot down an active shopping list right where you can see it. try painting one of your cupboard doors with this chalkboard paint, or purchase an ornate frame and fill it with a chalkboard covered piece of wood and hang by the door of your kitchen.

matt confetti whisk: the cheap alternative to a food processor – a plastic black whisk that won’t rust when you put them in the dish washer, or scratch those expensive pans! simple.

hay scissors: you can never have too many scissors. this HAY pair have a nice big blade and strong handle so there’s no cracking of plastic when cutting things that are a little too tough.

cast iron kitchen aid food processor: this may be a little too expensive for most peoples budgets, but the industrial texture of the stunning cast iron body puts all other food processors to shame. even if you only use it to whizz up the mixture of the giant yorkshire puddings you make for your christmas dinner, i’ll back you up in saying it’s a totally justifiable purchase – go on, treat yourself!

marimekko siirtolapuutarha tea cup: sipping tea from a stylish mug makes it taste all that more delicious. marimekko have a range of colourful and eye catching crockery, but this monochrome spotted piece adds a playful but toned down touch to your kitchen table.

H&M glass box: this little trinket is very similar in style to the pelle designs soap mentioned above, holding a carved gem shape, with removable glass lid it becomes a miniature treasure chest of bits & bobs you can never seem to find a home for.

stelton pure black knives: these seamless tools were the first to grace my kitchen wishlist. pure black blades and harmonious sleek design was something that ordinary kitchen knives just couldn’t compete with and are sure to add charm to any chopping board.