A fresh year, Zen Habits

A fresh year, small goald and resolutions with Zen Habits | A Living Diary

now the busiest time of year is over, i’m glad to jump back into a normal routine and plan for the next twelve months! i find new years resolutions difficult to stick to, and pretty overwhelming; so to make it easier on myself i’m making smaller goals, rules that i can easily incorporate into daily life or things to simply improve on:

quality over quantity
this is a rule that i’ve been using since the middle of last year and wish to continue for as long as possible! i am choosing to purchase things of higher quality albeit more expensive, but i am learning that they last longer and find that i cherish them more.

keep organized
i’m 90% sure i have an obsessive compulsion to clean, tidy and organize to perfection. if tasks and routines that i consider crucial aren’t completed, my anxiety levels go through the roof! so i’m hoping that being more organized and building up a filofax will help me keep calm and well prepared.

save money
me and my dad are in the process of building a temporary home for me and my boyfriend, so we can save up for a mortgage together. since implementing my ‘quality over quantity’ rule, saving has been relatively easy for me; but homes are expensive to decorate and pay for, so i’m hoping to stress this rule as much as i can this year!

worry less
i have an indoor cat called jeff, and i worry about him like a mother would her child; of course i worry about other things too, but he steals the top spot. worrying isn’t a healthy emotion if it gets out of hand, and i often get myself worked up about alot of things that are out of my control, so this year i wish to practice mindfulness and zen, with the help of zen habits.

for now, this is all that i can think of. do you have goals and rules this year?

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