monochrome christmas gift wrap with twine

Christmas gift wrap with twine, dymo labels, washi tape and chevron paper bags | A Living Diary

one of the most exciting parts to christmas is buying presents and wrapping them all up! last year, i wrapped my presents in simple brown kraft paper and white string. this year, i’m jazzing up my christmas gift wrap with some leftover gardening twine (easily purchased from the garden centre, biodegradable too!), wooden gift tags, dymo labels from the good ol’ college days, washi tape and chevron paper bags.

i’m pretty confident that this trend is going to last years, without a doubtthis is monochrome christmas gift wrap 2020 inspiration right here.

have you started wrapping yet?

Isabel Marant for H&M collection

Isabel Marant for H&M | A Living Diary

tomorrow is the day that isabel marants collection for h&m is finally available! i was quite surprised and slightly disappointed with the variety in the collection. isabel has exhibited a boyish folk style, with muted colours and cosy knits just in time for christmas. although the collection as a whole isn’t to my taste, this beautiful loop-knit black and white jumper did catch my eye, and if i’m lucky enough tomorrow – it’ll be my new winter staple! will you be purchasing anything by isabel marant for H&M?

All hallows’ eve

Skull jar & Halloween Cat, All hallows' eve | A Living Diary

this is as ‘in spirit’ me and jeff have been about hallowe’en. no pumpkin, no sweets for trick or treaters & no fancy dress. we’re spending the night snuggled in the duvet feeling sorry for our lonely selves this all hallows’ eve.

Floppy hat and chunky boots

American apparel floppy hat chunky chelsea heel boots | A Living Diary

floppy hat from american apparel, chelsea boots from missguided, creased sheets from sheer laziness.